“Societies of the rebellion – the path to freedom” is the guiding idea behind the IV Festival of the Art of Fact which aims to promote the mission genres of public television telling about specific events – a reportage, a documentary, a fact drama, as well as to form, develop and professionalise the new generation of reporters and documentary filmmakers.

A record number of titles was sent for the open competition this year – more than 120 from TVP, TVN, Polsat, Discovery. The reportages and documents of the borderline with reportages analyse the state of public awareness, human dramas, discover the modern history.

The competition is participated by the best Polish TV reporters, including Magazyn Ekspresu Reporterów (TVP), Uwaga! (TVN), Interwencja (Polsat). The programmes have a huge audience, they are bold and inquisitive. They continue the Polish school of reportage, as referred to in our Festival – Krystian Kubjaczyk says, the Festival Director.

The fourth festival, in the Polish-Hungarian Solidarity Year, will present reportages describing the events in Poznan and Hungary in 1956. Due to the round anniversary, there will also be reportages related to the creation of the Workers’ Defense Committee (1976).

The events of 1956 – Poznan, the Polish October, Budapest — began the destruction of the totalitarian system based on a total hypocrisy. Societies made them be heard in the streets, in Poznan and Budapest, armed.

In 1956, solidarity was born – never had we been so close to the Hungarian brothers struggling with the Soviet tanks for the same values: freedom and sovereignty. The authorities deceived us, they could, but the drops of freedom remained and hollow out concrete. The “black series” of Polish documentaries and reportages from the years 1956/1957 presented at the Festival opened the path to the truth and the future – says the artistic director of the Festival, a professional reporter, Jacek Snopkiewicz.

Meetings with the guests of honour – professor Andrzej Paczkowski, the former ambassador of Hungary – Mr. Akos Engelmayer and professor Janos Tischler from the Balassi Institute will be opportunities for presenting the documentary by Maciej Zakrocki “Zdławiona nadzieja – Węgry ‘56” and the documentaries from the Warsaw Documentary Film Studio entitled the “Black Series of Polish Documentaries 1956/1957”, as well as the Polish Film Chronicle related to the events of ‘56.

“Intensywność patrzenia” – a film by Andrzej Sapija will bring closer the life and work of the director, a documentary filmmaker, a post-war classic representative of the Polish documentary film – Kazimierz Karabasz. In turn, the art of the documentary will be discussed during a meeting with the documentary master – Ewa Ewart, a Polish producer of documentaries and an investigative BBC journalist. The Reporters’ Night is a fixed festival event, an intense discussion between the leading Polish television, radio and book reporters. The panel will be participated, among others, by authors of reporting magazines, the young generation of reporters and the masters: Janina Jankowska (Polish Radio – the winner of the Prix Italia), Marek Miller, Ewa Ewart, Lidia Duda – President of the jury, the winner of “Złoty Lajkonik”.

The guests of this year’s festival will have the possibility of watching foreign productions: Swedish (“The girl who saved my life”) and German (“Złota Wieś”/“Das Golddorf”) documentaries, as well as fascinating some documentary etudes performed by the students of the National Film, Television and Theatre School (PWSFTviT) in Lodz. During the “fact in the story” block we will present the films which have recently been premiered: “Wołyń”, “Smoleńsk” and “Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy”, we will also talk to the creators of them.

During the Closing Gala of the IV Festival of the Art of Fact, awards be will presented for the best TV reportages, along with the award of the Director of TVP2 and the award for Włodzimierz Niderhaus, the director of the Warsaw Documentary Film Studio – the seedbed of the Polish documentary, preceded by a laudation of Andrzej Bukowiecki. The festival evening will be highlighted by the concert of Natalia Sikora and VOODOO DOG and the concert of the Polish Radio Theatre Song Studio, “Piosenka jest faktem – nie mówię żegnaj” conducted by the Director – Janusz Kukuła.

You are invited to visit Torun for the IV Festival of the Art of Fact, a place that brings together established artists, and novices, and students for a few days each year proving that the role of reportage is to show the modern world with all its complexity and uniqueness.